Withdrawal Process

In Ethereum’s decentralized finance platform, users who have taken part in staking through WTAO tokens have two main ways of regaining access to their invested assets. They can start withdrawal directly on Ethereum network. This procedure shall be publicly announced at least one month in advance by Bittensor protocol guidelines. Unbonding periods also serve as security measures designed to maintain network strength and token liquidity.

Alternatively, if you want to get your funds quickly without any delay, there is a second option. That means that the user needs to proceed with the token swapping process by using their staked WTAO also known as rsTAO. Other cryptocurrency exchanges like Uniswap that have listed and support for trading on WTAO can be used to swap through this procedure. This way they can bypass standard unbonding time and get instant liquidity allowing them withdraw at any time. The alternative of immediate liquidity is for those who prioritize flexibility as well as quick access to their digital properties.

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