Multichain Bridge To DAO

Bridging to Bittensor has never been this easy.

DainDAO is thrilled to announce that they are building a Multichain bridge that is innovative and user-friendly with the aim of making Bittensor Network interoperable. In enabling quick, non-KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions that allow users from different networks to easily bridge assets into and out of Bittensor.

This strategic addition to the Bittensor ecosystem will create a more direct and efficient means for customers to interact with its offerings. The bridging service offered by Daindao as a Multichain bridge would therefore play an essential role in expanding Bittensor Network’s coverage and functionality by removing these barriers.

Our solution also improves accessibility and contributes positively towards the growth and success of Bittensor. DainDAO advocates for increased flow and liquidity between networks thereby supporting Bittensor’s vision to have a more connected blockchain environment that works effectively. We believe strongly, therefore, it is not only helpful for users but also moves the Bittensor network forward in the sphere of blockchains.

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